Our Sustainability Approach

Our planet matters.

We act in ways to create a more sustainable and better shared future. To make a difference in people's lives, communities and our planet by doing business the right way.

NewkoBalkan L.L.C adopts a holistic approach to sustainability that focuses on balancing the needs of business and human life with the sustainability of natural resources. Community, sustainability; interprets it as the development of economic, social and environmental capital in a balance and develops sustainability practices in this direction.

The success of institutions is no longer evaluated solely based on the economic value they generate. Environmental, social, and corporate governance considerations are key to value creation. Today, only companies having sustainability strategies integrated into their core businesses can maintain their success in the long run. With the awareness of respecting society and the environment, NewkoBalkan L.L.C adopts the principles of sustainable development with a holistic perspective from production to marketing activities, from human resources to logistics. NewkoBalkan L.L.C aims to make a planning compatible with its economic, environmental and social dimensions from today to the future.

NewkoBalkan L.L.C applies its sustainability approach to all business processes.

Here is the key performance achieved by NewkoBalkan on EHS issues.

Water Efficient System

The Water used in the Production Process is reused in an endless loop in a closed system, as a result the amount of water consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Instead of constantly drawing water from water sources for production, the reuse of the same water reduces production-related water consumption by 75%, and around 50.000 M3 water is being saved each year

Grievance Mechanism

The Internal Grievance mechanism we have developed, it is ensures that the workplaces are safer and more equitable, for our employees.
Employees can voice all their complaints about the workplace without any pressure, and they can be a part of solution.

Carbon Footprint decrease

By switching to LPG instead of coal-based energy in production, we have significantly minimized our carbon emissions, air pollution, and damage to the environment.

LPG is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available. It is non-toxic and does not affect soil, water and groundwater resources. It also helps improve the quality of indoor and outdoor air by producing less particulate matter and nitrogen oxides than diesel, oil, wood or coal.

LPG has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions from source to end use.
In the report "LPG: Sustainable Energy for a Low-Carbon World" published by the World LPG Association, the environmentalism of LPG is emphasized and it is stated that LPG has low greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline, diesel and electricity.

Women Employment

We strongly believe that Women taking part in economic life ensures participation of them in the workforce at the ideal level and increases employment which is one of the main requirements of sustainable growth and development and is also the key to achieving a sustainable and balanced structure of growth and development.

That's why, as NewkoBalkan, we have female employees in both production and management part of the company.
The fact that female employees play key roles in production and management proves our point of view and dedication.

Accident Frequency rate

We are working harder day by day to reach our goal of zero accident and we are setting targets on this direction.

The number of lost-day accidents in our company has been minimized recent years and the training hours given to the employees has been increased.

Training hours per employee

Since 2021, a new training system has been created, and new training targets and subjects have been determined.
These trainings on Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Protection are one of the most important steps taken to create a sustainable and safe working environment.

Waste management-Recycling

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste where/if possible is one of our most basic priorities, apart from production.

Although in our developing country we faced with many obstacles and difficulties in this regard, we do not deviate from our goal and continue to do our best.

We reduce waste at the source as much as possible, we reuse materials in production processes, and we give other wastes that we cannot use, to the existing licensed companies.

Environmental and Safety Management System

EHS systems we have developed in our company, helps us to identify, assess, and control risks associated with Company operations. And also promote safe work practices.
It also allows us to determine more specific targets and work more effectively in this direction, to reach the targets.

Environmental Measurements

Measurements we make periodically in compliance with the legal obligations of the republic of Kosovo:

  • Emission Measurement
  • Water Analysis
  • Noise Measurement
  • Occupational Hygiene Measurement
  • Air Quality Measurements

Our goal is to create a healthier working environment for our employees and not harm the environment during the production processes.